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All Hail the Wedding Set

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

In all my years of writing appraisals, the pieces I have valued most often are wedding sets, either for the newly engaged, longtime married, or anything in-between.

Diamond rings are what are passed down most often, and I can't begin to count how many new engagement rings I have helped design over the years using Mom's or Grandma's diamond(s) in them.

In fact, this photo is my husband's band and my wedding set. My diamonds were his grandmother's and we had them reset into the three-stone and five-stone rings you see here. These are Old European cut diamonds, cut near the turn of the last century, and now they have new life in my wedding set that will undoubtedly be passed down. Pieces like this are irreplaceable with regards to sentimentality but are pieces that should be insured just in case the worst happens.

Just like other property insurance, jewelry insurance is something we all need, but hope we don't have to use. Having our pieces on a policy gives peace of mind, helps our loved ones understand the value of pieces should those pieces be passed down, and in the event of loss, theft, or catastrophic damage allows the pieces to be replaced one way or another.

If your pieces are not insured, or your appraisals are out of date (more than three years old), talk to your insurance agent and call, text, or email for an appointment.

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