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Understanding Your Diamond Appraisal: Necessary Repairs

Sometimes when I appraise a piece, I will find that repairs are necessary.

You will notice the prong at 9 o'clock is torn away from the diamond in the ring above. This results in the diamond being loose within the setting, and it is unsafe to wear the ring until repairs can be made. This is an antique ring, so damage and wear are not uncommon. In fact, the emeralds in the shoulders of the ring show a lot of wear, and one is broken. (The fact that there are emeralds in the ring is also why the diamond is not perfectly clean-- emeralds cannot be cleaned in the same manner as diamonds, at least not in an appraisal office.)

One of the best things about my microscope is that I can show live pictures on the monitor as I inspect pieces and illustrate exactly what is wrong and why. This is a still photo taken of the live feed as I graded the diamond. In this case, I recommend repairing not only the torn prong but the others as well to ensure several more decades of joy from this ring. I also recommend replacing the emeralds and rounding out the shank (body of the ring), so essentially a full overhaul and refurbish. After all that is done, I would like to reappraise the ring since the value will likely change due to these changes.

Usually, I suggest having all the repairs done before the appraisal is done to avoid needing to appraise twice; however, sometimes, I am asked to appraise a piece as-is. If I suggest repairs and you don't have a jeweler with whom you already work, I can recommend and/or have it taken care of for you. Either way, I believe in 100% transparency and am always happy to show you exactly what needs to be addressed, just as I have in this photograph.

As always, please feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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